Sunday, January 9, 2011

Welcome to Cougaracity

Judging by the lack of text below this entry, you probably can gather this is a new blog. However, when it comes to the love of all things (but mainly football and basketball) BYU Cougars the writers of this blog (Nick, Ben, Aaron, and myself) are hardly new.

Have each of us been fans of BYU our entire lives? Yes.

Was each of our DNA tested and found to contain a component of cougar? Maybe.

Do we agree on everything that has to do with the teams or the future of the teams? Probably not.

We're excited to begin this blog, and we hope you'll follow the blog and read our posts. If you do, we'll issue this guarantee: The quality of posts will be better than the quality of coaching at BYU during the Crowton years.


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