Sunday, June 26, 2011

BYU and the Honor Code: Back in the News

The subject of BYU and the Honor Code is in the news again, as ESPN recently aired an interview with Tico Pringle in which he said blacks and whites are treated differently by the Honor Code. He also suggested Jimmer wouldn't have been suspended like Brandon Davies.

Rather than post/link anything else from the interview, I decided Cougaracity would better serve its readers by posting video footage of interviews of former BYU athletes who disagreed with comments like Pringle's.

Former BYU linebacker Bryan Kehl, who came to BYU as a member of the LDS Church, gives his two cents on the Honor Code:

Former BYU running back Brian McDonald, who came to BYU without being a member of of the LDS Church, shares his opinion on BYU and the Honor Code. Also, McDonald share his experience with the Honor Code Office after being cited for underage drinking.

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