Wednesday, August 3, 2011

5 Questions With BYU's Devin Mahina

Devin Mahina finished the 2010 season as the top receiving tight end for BYU (11 receptions, 118 yards). BYU fans are looking for one or two tight ends to separate themselves from the pack, giving BYU the tight end presence it had in years past (Pitta, Harline, George, etc.).

In the quick interview below, Mahina talks about BYU, 2010, and the upcoming season.

Why did you choose to come to Provo, and what do you like most about BYU?

I chose to come to BYU because, while football is a huge part of my decision, it's not the only factor. BYU fit all my needs perfectly. It holds its students to a higher standard, and that's something I love. I also chose it because I like how BYU uses its tight ends. I love what Bronco has done with the program.

Q2. What was 2010 like for you and the team, and how will going through what you guys did help for 2011?

I look at last season as a learning experience. We didn't do as well as we all hoped, but it helped us understand what we needed to work on and fix. Not many freshmen get as much playing time as I did, and that gives me a huge advantage for this next season and the seasons to come.

Q3. What do you think all of the coaching changes (Doman, Dupaix, Cahoon, etc.) add to the team?

Of course Bronco is only going to make changes that will benefit the team. I am really excited to work with my new position coach, Coach (Lance) Reynolds, as well as our offensive coordinator, Coach (Brandon) Doman.

How does the tight end position battle look heading into fall camp, and what do you expect from yourself this season?

There are a lot of talented guys at the tight end position, it
should be really competitive. I expect a lot from myself. I expect to make an impact on the field. I expect to be someone who is looked to in clutch situations.

Q5: Who is/are the funniest guy(s) on the team, and why?

Since I spend most of my time with the tight ends, I would say a combination of Richard Wilson and Marcus Mathews. They are always cracking jokes, we have a good time together.

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