Saturday, February 26, 2011

Reasons for BYU fans to be optimistic...

As excited as all us BYU fans were after the Cougars beat SDSU at the Marriott Center last month, there were some extenuating circumstances which may have occurred to some of us.

1. Kawhi Leonard was definitely not 100 percent, suffering from the flu before the game. The dude is a beast, and if he's not all there, it makes a difference.

2. Jimmer Fredette went off. While it is something we've come to expect from him, he doesn't do it every game, and it is likely harder to do it twice against the same opponent, especially a quality team like the Aztecs. Sure, Jimmer gets up for the most of big games, but is that something we should always expect?

But at the same time, we had a lot of things not go our way in that game, so what sort of things could play a role in a possible BYU win today?

1. Supporting cast - Yes, Jimmer had an awesome game last time against SDSU, but outside of him and Brandon Davies, there wasn't much. The rest of the players combined to shoot 5-for-24, including 0-7 behind the arc, and score 14 points. If we get some more from the non-Jimmer and non-Brandon players, we should be good.

2. Breakout players - As has been mentioned in the past on this blog, BYU was going to need better play from Charles Abuou and Stephen Rogers to be an elite team. Our wish was their command. Lately, those two players have really stepped up, and I expect them to be a major asset in this game.

3. JIMMERTIME - Yeah, I know I mentioned earlier we can't always expect Jimmer to keep having all of these big games and big moments, but until he doesn't produce, why can't we? SDSU fans having been messing with him and even his girlfriend on Facebook, all in order to get inside Jimmer's head. In Jimmer's four years, have we ever seen him play like someone was in his head? Not really. In fact, it has been A LOT more frequent to see him go off against someone because of crap like that. I'm expecting a big game from him today.

BYU wins 78-71, and Jimmer scores 30+ points and gets a lot of people involved.

***Also, I stumbled onto this Jimmer photo blog entry from Ed Shoots. Very awesome pics. Check them out.

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