Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Welcome Home, Ben

BYU officially announced that Ben Cahoon has been hired to coach the receivers at BYU.  He brings with him his receiving records from the Canuck Football League and years of professional experience.  While the Canadian Football League has some messed up rules, the game still involves catching and throwing.  Ben is a complete stud at catching the football.

So, will Ben be able to translate his skillz to a receiving corp that consistently dipped their hands in butter?  Absolutely.  Catching a football can be learned, just like table manners or driving.  You don't have to be athletic or especially gifted to learn to catch, you just have to practice, concentrate and focus.  These are three things that Ben excels at, and they can be taught.  They are also three things that BYU struggled with with this past season.  These guys are very talented, but they need somebody who can help them reach their potential.  Ben is just that guy.  Drops will no longer be tolerated, and players will have to up their game if they want to contribute.

Bronco's offensive staff is in place and filled with high energy, positive coaches that are very good at teaching the game.  Bronco has to be praised for not being complacent with success that they have enjoyed.  Instead he went out and improved the team in a big way.  Unfortunately, there is one downside to all of this good news: it makes September feel even further way.  Only six more months until fall camp opens...six long, lonely months.

Go Cougs!

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