Thursday, July 7, 2011

Time to take Cougar Nation's temperature!

I want to know how all of you Cougar fans out there are feeling about the upcoming football season. 12-0? 11-1? 9-3? 7-6?

Give me your odds (%) for BYU to win against each of their opponents, and I will simulate 200 2011 seasons using your odds, revealing the likelihood of various outcomes for this season.

For example,

Twitter buddy @JakeHatchKSL gave me the following odds:

@ Ole Miss (75%)
@ Texas (55%)
Utah (60%)
UCF (60%)
Utah State (90%)
San Jose St. (99%)
@ Oregon St. (67%)
Idaho St. (99.9%)
TCU (50%)
Idaho (90%)
New Mexico St. (97%)
@ Hawaii (55%)

Those odds gave BYU a 40% chance of at least 10 wins in the regular season and almost certainty of going to a bowl.

Write your odds in the comments section to see what your 2011 BYU football likely scenario is!

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