Thursday, September 15, 2011

Ben W takes another look at the video

Here's Ben Wagner's second by second breakdown of this atrocity.

0:14 - Seriously, that guy?! What dirt does he have on Tom Holmoe? It has to be something really good, because he is the official MC of EVERY BYU athletic event; oh and by the way he's terrible. I still have regular nightmares of him screwing some poor guy out of a 3 year old iPod Nano during one of the BYU bookstore giveaways during timeouts of BYU basketball games.

0:20 - Dear Mr. Holmoe, consider this an official request to have the cute blonde who ran events at BYU basketball games be the new designated MC at BYU Athletic Events.

0:23 - I really wish the BYU Football T-shirts said "Check Down" as opposed to "Rise Up"

0:24 – “The coaches and players have committed to rising up, and by that I mean run draws on 3rd and 9!”

0:43 - What's up with the drummers? They have their gamefaces on like they're part of the line backing corp. I guess they forgot they're in the band.

1:00 - Our colors are blue and white, pretty sure no one is going to be booed for having a white shirt on. Red is another story.

1:11 - “Lets go down to the tailgate Brah, I heard its EPIC! I heard someone’s got some sick Rockstar energy drinks, it’ll get us totally pumped to skip the game and go scam chicks at The Loft.”. – every guy at Belmont on Saturday

1:12 - seriously though, a massive Mormon tailgate? Oxford Mississippi this is not.

1:20 - I would follow the band into the stadium, except BYU ticketing "rotated" me the WORST seats in the entire stadium for Saturday's game (Southeast corner), which are on the other side of the stadium from the band. So after following them in I would have to traverse the whole stadium to get to my seats, which is really just inconvenient for someone as lazy as me. Not that I’m bitter.

1:29 - "Don't stop believing..... Check down to that running ba aaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaackkkkk!"

1:30 seriously, if anyone around me mentions "Glee" during the game I will punch them – in their throat. I’m looking at you freshman girl from heritage halls who is a physiology major at the moment but will undoubtedly change to a Family Life major after you get married next month.

1:40 - He’s dancing. I will have nightmares about this.

2:00 -aw9cvnikwarararararararararararararsfa=0]]]]]]]]]]]]]gjaw]w]w]w]w]w]w]w]w]w]w]w]w]w]w]

2:42 – Sebastian Janikowski?

3:01 – “That’s another Cougar… CHECK DOWN!”

3:18 – Its probably more important that you explain what the band will play when we kick a Field Goal.

4:47 – see comments for 2:00

Conclusion – Who is in charge of putting these together? Every year I wonder this, because every year the football videos are really bad. As opposed to the basketball videos, which are normally pretty good. I propose that there be some kind of sports promo video oversight committee, and it should probably consist of the Cougaracity contributors.

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