Friday, September 2, 2011

Roundtable Predictions: This Weekend + This Season

Predictions: BYU vs. Ole Miss

BYU 27 Ole Miss 20 - BYU gets off to a fast start and jumps to an early lead while the Rebels settle in during the 2nd half and push BYU down to the wire... big defensive stop late on the final drive seals the win for the Cougars.

Ben W:
Ole Miss 20, BYU 17 - with BYU missing a last minute FG to tie the game.

BYU 24, Ole Miss 21 - Really can't be sure on opening day, but Mississippi and BYU represent two teams heading opposite directions at the end of last season. Gotta go with the trend.

BYU 31, Ole Miss 17 - Two teams that ended last year going in different directions. Read more from Scott

BYU 28, Ole Miss 24 - It will be a slow first half but both offenses will come alive late in the game. Ole Miss will have a few big running plays but won't be able to match Jake Heaps' consistent passing attack. Look for special teams to play a big role in the game.

Predictions: 2011

That seems to be a typical Bronco Mendenhall record. The Cougars will drop a road games in Austin and then lose again against a solid UCF team. The big games this season will be on the road against Oregon State and TCU. Both will be hard fought battles and both will be Cougar victories.

Ben W:
BYU gets off the season right with a win against Ole miss, but then struggles and loses to UT, Utah, UCF, TCU, and Hawaii. Heaps will have one injury that will keep him out a few games which will be a huge blow to the cougars. BYU does close out the season strongly, winning their bowl game.

I think that the Cougars will be amped enough to open the season in Mississippi and get the win this Saturday, but when they go down to Texas to take on the Longhorns and then later TCU in Dallas, I think that BYU will drop both of those games. That leaves us with tough games against Utah, Central Florida, Hawaii away, and Oregon St. As well as we have played against Oregon St. in the past, I do not think that we can chalk this up as a win just yet. Playing Hawaii on the road is a tough task for any team. Anyone that has followed the rivalry game knows that anything can happen when it comes to BYU/Utah. I see BYU losing two of these "toss up" games along with the losses in Austin and Dallas to finish a solid season at 8-4.

My prediction is so awesome. I look at the schedule, and it has a lot of great programs. But those programs are not exactly playing at their highest level right now (#understatements). BYU's 2010 season served as a reminder that nothing comes easy, and with the added players, experience, and coaching, this team should be favored in almost every game. Frankly, I talked myself out of 12-0.

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