Friday, September 23, 2011

Roundtable Predictions for UCF

Well, you may have noticed we haven't said much this week (then again, you may not have noticed). We took some time off to internalize the Game Which Shall Not Be Named. We were able to observe some of the reactions from Cougar Nation, and we will have more on that next week, so stay tuned.

Anyway, we are a little short on roundtable participants this week. Frankly, between the self-imposed silence and remembering recently that the game is tonight, not everyone was able to throw in their two cents. However, we are hoping Preston, Scott, and Daniel are able to take us home tonight. Boom!


BYU 31, UCF 10

As always, I remain optimistic. I really do feel like the offensive struggle are based on the fact the personnel is still learning the offense and the first three games were against the three best defenses BYU will face all year (Remember TCU has the 103rd best defense despite playing a schedule no better than in 2010). The lack of running game is a huge factor, but the Utah game is not indicative of who BYU is as a team. Anyone with a brain that watched that game knows the SEVEN turnovers were an aberration not a trend. Consider how many drives were terminated by turnovers. Consider how the offense had several good drives last week. Consider how they did that with no run support. That will change. Once that happens, the success of the offense will increase as well. Heaps will throw for another 300+ yards, and the running game will finally pass the century mark. It's a different BYU from here on out.


BYU 35, UCF 17

You heard it here first. BYU will have zero trouble getting motivated following the game that will not be mentioned directly. Their defense (don't let last week's score fool you) was not the problem. BYU's woes continue to be a national worst 1.9 yards per carry, and Heaps deserves more credit for moving the ball than he's currently getting from Cougar Nation. Throw in the fact that there's no way BYU turns the ball over 7 more times, and I think we're in for a laser show from Heaps & co. Call me crazy today. But call me psychic tomorrow.


BYU 20, UCF 13

After attending one of the worst games in the program's history this past Saturday in the beat down that was the Cougar 54-10 loss to the Utes, I think BYU has nowhere to go but up. Central Florida lost a game last Saturday to Florida International by a touchdown, but it was a game in which they were favored to win by 17 points. I do not think Central Florida is playing at the level they have in the past, and BYU playing at home and coming off a humiliating loss I believe gives them the edge in this match up. PREDICTION: BYU rushes for over 100 yards for the first time this season

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