Wednesday, September 7, 2011

ESPN College Football Challenge - Week One

Well, the first week of the Cougaracity's group of ESPN College Football Challenge went pretty well. I wanted to thank all of those who have joined. We're excited to have 25 participants!

The problem with doing something like this is I have no idea who everybody is. I think most people are from Twitter, so some of the participants were semi-easy to figure out, but for the rest of you, shout @Cougaracity on Twitter and let me know who you are.

This week, it was pretty easy to tell who the leader was, because it was Cougaracity's own Preston Johnson. He managed to score 160 points, almost all (not really) scored by Wisconsin's Montee Bell. He also figured out that Oklahoma's kicker was going to have a busy day.

You are able to change up your roster, so make sure you spend some time to put together your roster before the games start this weekend.

If you want to play and don't care about coming into the game a week late, feel free to click on the link below and sign in:

This one. Yep.

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