Wednesday, September 14, 2011

BYU Athletics Video

One of the worst things I have ever seen... my thoughts:

Rule #1 "Wear Blue" - I'm superstitious, I actually never wear BYU shirts/jerseys to the games. I also have never seen anybody that wasn't wearing blue get handed a shirt to put on over whatever else it was they were wearing, pretty sure they made that up.

Rule #2 "Tailgate 2.5 Hours Before Kickoff" - How about you tailgate when you can fit it into your schedule? I know that student seats are all assigned anyway so why would I need to be there over an hour early after I finish tailgating? I'd rather spend my time watching the other days' games.

Rule #3 "Follow The Band Into The Stadium" - Never seen this done in my life. If they were doing it in the past, I probably just thought they were in the band and forgot their instrument.

Rule #4 "Don't Stop Believin'" - I sure hope to hell that Journey doesn't have to hear this... or anyone else for that matter.

Rule #5 - "Kickoff" - I'm pretty sure we have all been to a football game before, thanks though for the run through Rise Up dude.

Rule #6 "Cougar 1st Downs" - Once again, pretty sure we all know how to say "That's another Cougar, 1st down", but maybe that's just me.

Rule #7 "Touchdowns" - Yes, we all sing the fight song when BYU scores a touchdown. Not positive, but I'm pretty sure every university in the nation does the same thing, I'll double check on that.

Rule #8 "As They Take The Field" - That was the most clever thing we could come up with?

Rule #9 "Third Down Make Noise" - I sure hope that cue random song isn't these guys in the video singing "Don't Stop Believin'"

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  1. Obviously, Journey is the most heinous of all these suggestions.

    But telling people to make noise on third down? What are you doing the other downs? Sitting on your hands?

    I always hated that when I was in the BYU student section they never started making noise until after the huddle was broken and the teams were over the ball. I'm sorry, but if yo want to be a 12th man, you really need to be loud so they can't hear the play being called.

    Don't have any comments about the rest of this. You hit it spot on. Glad others agree with me, because my wife thinks I'm nuts.

  2. I totally agree that this video is 1) very corny 2) mostly useless 3) lacking creativity. I have to assume that they made this with the 6,000 new freshman in mind.

    Side note, I can't decide which is a worse idea, this video or the creation of a spirit squad...?

  3. If they want to create an environment of excitement they should start by playing Ke$ha's song Blow right before the team comes out.