Friday, September 16, 2011

Roundtable Predictions: Utah at BYU

It's that time of the week again. Time for the Cougaracity Roundtable Predictions for the rivalry game: Utah vs. BYU. This week our special guest predictors were former BYU and Utah hoopsters Sam Burgess and Chris Burgess. Check out their predictions at one of these links:

Anyway, enjoy the predictions from our staff below, and click on their names to follow them on Twitter.


BYU 31, Utah 24 - This one is hard to pick, simply because I can't stop thinking about last Saturday. There are no excuses for not winning in Texas, and I wonder if the team is as hung up about that pointless loss as I am. But ultimately, I think there's going to be no trouble for BYU getting their minds right for Rivalry Week, even if it is coming mid-September vs. late November. If there was ever going to be a week to bring our ground game to life, this would have to be it. Utah doesn't sport the defensive speed of a Texas (or even an Ole Miss), and the Cougs should be able to clear enough space to get some semblance of a rushing game going.  Even if Utah can replicate Texas' second half defense and give Jake Heaps problems, I'd still take a befuddled Heaps over whatever type of Jordan Wynn is showing up on gameday. I like the Cougars in this one, winning by seven.


BYU 20, Utah 17 - Going with the same score as last time in my prediction against Texas which ended up being pretty close. I expect the same type of game as neither the Cougar or Ute offense has looked very explosive this season. With BYU having the revenge factor going into this year's rivalry game, along with being home, I think the Cougars pull it out late.

Ben W.

Utah 15, BYU 13 - Both offenses are terrible each scoring just one TD. BYU again kicks two field goals but leading 13-10 late, Jake Heaps gives Utah a safety and they then drive the ball to get a game winning FG. 15-13, Utah over BYU.

Ben S.

BYU 23, Utah 13 - The Cougar offense opens up, as the defense continues as one of the top defenses in the country. Jake Heaps throws multiple touchdowns, but the Cougar defense confuses Jordan Wynn into some costly turnovers. The rivalry game does not come down to a last minute play, and the Cougar win 23-13.


BYU 17, Utah 13 - Jake Heaps finally realizes that he needs to prove himself to the world and starts to play like a man instead of a child. He takes a few more risks and this will get him into trouble at times. Utah's offense will come up with two big plays that will keep them in the game but in the end BYU will be able to win the field position battle and squeak out a victory.


BYU 27, Utah 13 - Yes, once again, I have the most optimistic prediction among the Cougaracity contributors. However, this time it is more about how little I think of Utah's team (particularly on the offensive side of the ball) than my pie-eyed, head-in-the-clouds predictions of previous weeks. (But I will have you know, the 1st half of the TX game aligned pretty well with my prediction) Anyway, Jordan Wynn looks awful. He's not getting away with his wounded-duck throws forever, and this is the week it really bites him in the rear. Utah's defense is nowhere near as good as Texas' is, and, to me, it has only proven it can stop Montana State and do a slightly better job against USC than Minnesota (a team that allowed 28 points by New Mexico State). Expect better from Jake Heaps and Co.  I believe them when they say they're on the verge.

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