Friday, September 9, 2011

Cougaracity Roundtable Predictions: BYU @ Texas

It's time again for Cougaracity Roundtable Predictions. Last week, most of us (except for Ben) had BYU beating Ole Miss. This week, we also welcome former BYU basketball star Jeff Chatman, as he makes his prediction for this weekend.


Guest Predictor:

Jeff Chatman
Former BYU basketball player
7th all-time leading scorer
Twitter: jeffchat

BYU 28 - Texas 23

BYU's offense will get into gear and score 28 points on the road! The defense will give up a couple of big plays but hold the Longhorns to 2 touchdowns and 3 field goals.

Ben W

Texas 17, BYU 14

BYU limits their turnovers but again struggles in the redzone. BYU's offense looks much better scoring twice, and the defense limits Texas to 10 points, however they give up a big play on special teams and Texas wins in another slugfest.


BYU 27, Texas 24

BYU finally shakes the rust off and continues the trend it started in the second half against Ole Miss. Only this time, they stop sputtering near the finish line. Texas is probably better than they were last year, but this is the week BYU proves it's for real. BYU's first trip to Austin will also be it's official coming out party as an independent. Read more from Daniel


Texas 24, BYU 21

BYU will continue to focus on keeping the offense balanced but will not get any big plays down field. Texas won't move the ball consistently but will get big plays that will put points on the board. Once again, special teams will be the difference maker in this game.


BYU 20, Texas 17

My inside sources are telling me that the game plan for BYU this Saturday against the Longhorns is to take advantage of the size they have upfront and use the massive offensive line to manhandle the Texas defensive line. BYU will be running the ball. A lot. Expect double digit carries from both Brian Kariya and Joshua Quezada and for the Cougars to use the run game to go play action and keep the Longhorns guessing. If BYU can manage to score 2 rushing touchdowns and control the ball like they did against Ole Miss, they will win this game.


BYU 24, Texas 13

Maybe I'm overly optimistic, but I don't think Heaps and Co. were THAT far from putting up major points on Ole Miss. The offense was much more comfortable in the 2nd half, and that continues in Week 2. Texas doesn't have the o-line Ole Miss does (by FAR), so look for BYU to pressure the QB and continue to stop the run.

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